US tourism B2 visiting visa process -> ds-160 questions


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Hello Friends .,

Hope you are all doing good ..after long back logged into forum..

I got couple of questions though .. this is first time involving to sponsor the B2 visa to my cousin brother..

Iam in US as citizen , I wishing fillup the DS-160 here itself , I mean online submit in US


In DS-160 form

1) should i upload all sponsoring documents and photo as well online application?

2) Before submit the DS-160 form , should I take any hardcopy print out , send to my cousin who is in India by post ?

3) once get the DS-160 confirmation doc after submission of online DS-160 , should i send to India by post?

4) After submission of DS-160 , get the confirmation letter, still we have chance to edit update and changes ? then get another confirmation letter

5) Still send all supporting documents send to my cousin in India by post , after uploaded through ds-160 online form

6) Once get the confirmation letter , then immediate after , take 2 ) appointments one for VISA APPLICATION CENTER Appointment (VAC)
2nd appointment for VISA INTERVIEW

7) these 2 appoints same day or different times .. even different dates also good ? please advise who will better fillout the appointments
Myself (US) or my cousin (India)

8) Have I maintain some gap (#s days) after getting the confirmation letter ..

9) I did not fully understand , about appointment wait time though .. I saw

Select a U.S. Embassy or Consulate: (searched on website today (11/7/18)


Nonimmigrant Visa Type Appointment Wait Time
Visitor Visa 28 Calendar Days

10) once get the ds-160 confirmation letter , take 2 appointments , US embassy call us ,
you need to attend 1st appointment for fingerprints and photo
and 2nd appointment for interview

11) should I main any gab (#s days) between 2 appoints , and between confirmation letter and 1st VAC appointment ..

12) VAC process /location is different than Embassy interview process and location

Sorry asking soo many questions ..

Please share any body faced this kind of experiences though .. I would be greatly appreciated your help /time