US Passport for minor

I have submitted US passport application in my nearest USPS facility a month ago and there is no status found online hence contacted USPS person in person to know the status of the application but they gave me a surprise saying that my passport application is lost tracking and could not locate application where it is presently and even agency doesn't have details when contacted them as well. USPS is not sure about next step. My situation is to travel to india at the earliest to drop my family because I have new born baby and none of our parents have VISA to travel to USA so we have no option than going to india and other hand my extension is near team so I wanted to travel and come back to US with a short vacation. USPS and Agency is saying not to apply a new passport application and also they don't have definite timeline to find the application.

I am planning to submit a new application with another USPS facility since the one which I have already submitted not allowing to submit a new application and not allowing to cancel my money order already applied as well. It is highly irritating and frustrating to wait for the response from them.

What is the best option to handle the situation?


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Did you track your application on the passport website in addition to the USPS website ? I suggest you call the passport help desk. If you are in a hurry they can make you an appointment in a passport agency for an emergency same day passport.