US medical student filing for green card before residency


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So I am a humble medical student attending a US medical school on I-485 dependent pending (based on the July 2007 fiasco). It seems like the gc is gonna take forever to process so I wanted to file for my own gc when I graduate from med school. Would I qualify for NIW right when I graduate or could I just file for EB-2 category when I start residency isntead of waiting for file for that after residency? The problem with NIW seems like (correct me if I am wrong) the physician can apply for it/get a gc only after 5 years of working in the specific area and NIW is restricted to only family medicine/internal medicin/pedi/obgyn and psych where I want to do a speciality which is of a critical shortage in the US.
Any expert help welcome!


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i-485 pending medical school admission

Hello Soda

Which college you are admitted to with your I-485 pending. I am looking for my I-485 dependent.Thanks.

Hopeful me

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Hello soda or anyone else who can please be kind enough to reply here I would truly appreciate. My son is on I 485 pending and has all credentials to get accepted to a medical school. Please let me know how and which medical school accepted you with I 485 pending. Thank you