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Hi I am seeking help to find out what are my options to return back to US and get my GC; below are the my details.

I went to USA in year 2001 on H1B visa from (Software Technology Group, Portland, OR) and continued working in US till 2008 my company applied GC for me in year 2003 and in year 2007 my I-140 got approved and I485 was pending, and is current for a long time. I got two RFE from USCIS last year which I already submitted to USCIS one was Birth certificate of my wife and second was letter from Software Technology Group about their intensions to permanently employ me on mentioned salary once I obtain GC.

In year 2007 when I was in US, I got EAD approved and got some travel documents approved to travel in and out of US while my I-485 is pending. Unfortunately I have to return back to India due to some family emergencies and to help my parents. While I was stabilising my family situations I decided to work in India for a while. Now things are better and under control, therefore I can go back to US and start again. But I am not sure what my options are since my EAD and travel documents are already expired. My I485 is still pending I am not sure will I get GC or not? I been checking online case status on USCIS website, but I guess it’s not been updated for a long time till now and stills shows RFE status message.

I called USCIS last year to confirm if they have received my RFE documents, they said they did but no officer has been assigned to my case and asked me to check back after 60 days. But I guess it’s still the same since I don’t see any updates happening on my USCIS online case status till now.

Can someone please give valuable advice on my case?
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It's not a good idea to post your acutal receipt numbers in the forum...hopefully you remove it from your post...