US & Canadian want to marry, already have child.


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I have a few questions relating to my situation. My girlfriend (Canadian) and I (US) have been together for seven years, although living apart. We have a five year old daughter together(born in Canada). We have been waiting on being together because she has a 10 year old son with her ex husband and wanted to wait until he was older to make a move to the US.

We want to get married this year on her next visit to the states. She is not intending to stay at this point. Our plan is to have her here within the next two years. We thought by getting married now, it would help the process of coming here.

My questions:
1. Is it possible to get a marriage license in the US if she is a Canadian citizen with no fiance visa or green card?

2. How does immigration work, then, for our daughter? Her son? She is planning on keeping custody of her son with visitation arrangements with her ex. Those details are still being worked out with her ex.

3. If I don't qualify to sponsor her, do they allow for co-sponsorship through an employer? She is a nurse and I have found several nurse jobs here in Arizona that are willing to sponsor Canadian citizens.

We are looking at a two year projection on when she wants to be able to move here. We just want to make sure we are proceeding properly. What are the costs of all of this? I was trying to find info on fees, but my daughter is my I really have to pay for her to immigrate as well?

Any help is appreciated.