US Born Citizen Marrying Canadian, questions!


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Hey, I'm new here, so please be nice. I've searched everywhere and can't find any answers.

I live in Boston, I met this girl about a year ago and it turned out she lived in Canada. She's visited me twice since I met her for the first time and we're madly in love! She attends college in Vancouver and I'm planning to attend school in Santa Monica within the next year.

We were hoping to have her move in with my (I live with my parents) for a few months while we save up and make enough to move out on our own. Thing is that I have no savings and neither was she. I was wondering... If she came to visit me, could we legally get married? And if we do get married here, how long would she have to go back home before she's allowed to live here, with me?

I'm 19 and she's 20. What would we need to do, exactly, to get the ball rolling and how much would it cost us to get all of this stuff done, in total?