Urgent Question Re Green Card!!!!

I am hoping that someone here might be able to offer some assistance or help to me. It concerns the following:

During the period of 1983-1985 as a 7 year old boy i was living in the US as the stepson of a US citizen who at that time was in the Air Force and was stationed Stateside. I myself am Dutch and currently reside in the Netherlands, i am currently 26 years of age. I still have my old green card which was issued to me in 1983 without an expiration date.

I read on the official INS website that if my green card was issued between 1979 and 1988 without an expiration date then i wont have to get a completly new card but just get it renewed with the help of form I-90 and not have to pay the 110 dollar application fee but just the 25 dollar application fee.

In fact here is the question i found concerning the issue on the INS website it confuses me since i dont know if it concerns me or not:

Q. Do I need to renew my Green Card if it was issued between 1979 and 1988 and does not have an expiration date?

A. No. Green Cards issued between 1979 and 1988 do not have expiration dates and do not need to be renewed at this time. INS will develop an orderly plan for replacing these cards at a future time. (Note: If you obtained your Green Card before your 14th birthday and are now over 14, and your Green Card does not have an expiration date on it, you will still need to get a new card. You will need to go to your local INS District or Sub-Office—not an Application Support Center—and File a Form I-90, "Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card." However, you will not need to pay the $110 application fee. You will only need to pay the $25 fingerprinting fee.)

Hopefully someone can give me some info if not then thanks for trying.
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