Urgent help plz: Can I apply J1 Visa while my immigrant visa petition is getting processed by NVC?


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I'm a medical graduate applying for medical residency in the US in September 2015, and in case I get accepted a medical residency program will sponsor me for a J1 visa in March 2016 - the thing is that, my parents, who are US citizens, have petitioned my green card, and now my documents are getting processed in the NVC. From my PD (1 Aug 2007, category F1) you can tell that I was expecting to become current this month, but assuming a worst case scenario and saying there was a retrogression in the coming months which would prevent me from obtaining my GC by March 2016 . Will applying for a J1 visa and having J1 status, cause any disadvantage on the green card processing, or getting permanent immigrant status granted. Am I even eligible for a J1 with a GC being processed by the NVC??