URGENT HELP Needed - OC Interview mid Feb


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Hi all,

I was one of the lucky winners of DV2018 and I actually have my interview at the Sydney consulate sometime this week!

I understand that the visa must be activated within 6 months of it being granted OR before the medical expires, now I completed my medicals about a month ago (mid January), so in theory I only have about 5 months to go before I must make a trip to the US to get it activated (sometime in July 2018 at the very latest).

I recently received an offer for a job (six month contract role) I applied for some time ago, and because the offer came so suddenly, it has disrupted my original plans to move to the US.

Because the new role is going to be a six month contract role and I am a bit hesitant to take leave during those 6 months, (I am expecting to start this new job in late March/early April, finish in Oct 2018).

I am really hoping to push my interview date to sometime in July/August 2018 when the 6 month contract wraps up and I can then continue with my original plans. (I am willing to get a refreshed medical done again)

Sorry its all a bit convoluted, I am hoping it all makes sense...anyone got an ideas on how I can delay my interview, should I explain my situation to the CO and hope for the best?

I really don't want to miss out on the visa.



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Two choices:

1. Don't present the current medical. Repeat the medical, even if that means presenting the medical after the interview.
2. Use current medical. Take a short activation trip.


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Option 3. Don’t let a short-term 6-month contract mess up your long-term plans.
(3a: do interview , go to US rather than 6-month job in March/April, start your new life)
Option 4. Take a long weekend in Hawaii. (Version of Simon’s 2.)