Urgent help needed - FBI was unable to process the FP card


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My mom's was rejected because "FBI was unable to process the FP card". She has received a notice for 2nd FP.
I am very worried about this. Could anyone shed some light on this? Does the 2nd FP have similar procedure
as the 1st FP? If the 2nd FP fails again, what is the option? Is she going to receive an RFE requesting for police
clearance? If she lived in a foreign country in recent years, will she need to get the police clearance from the foreign country as well?

Really worried! Thank you very much for your help.


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The second FP will be just like the first.

There is some kind of cream or lotion (I don't remember which, hopefully somebody else will mention it) that can be rubbed on the fingers for a few days before fingerprinting to make the fingerprints more readable.