Urgent help needed: B1->F1


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I am on B1 visa,my I-94 expires on 29th June,2001.I am planning to convert my status from B1 to F1.Could any one advise me on how to get admission in MBA or MS college, as I am already an MBA from India with 6 years of experience.Can anybody advise me any university which is reasonable(in fee),good(accredited)and donot require GMAT or GRE.

Further,should I first file for I-94 extension or try for F1(Right now I don\'t have any I-20).

Shall I try for H1 visa(I have 3 years experience as programmer)but in prevailing conditions its looking pretty difficult.Is it difficult to get H1 for MBA( from Indian University)?.

I would like to take the advise of any member specially those friends who already got I-20 that how and from which college they got I-20.

Looking for an URGENT reply.

Thank you.


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Get you b1 extended. Apply National University, San Diego (Even you can do On-line) they give I -20. You can try h1b you degree is OK.