Urgent - H1 to F1 process


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I was on F1 then became H1. I know that employer will terminate me and revoke my H1. I want to change my status to F1 and start the required process before termination date and definitely before revoke date. I understand the F1 approval can take 2-3 months. What are my options?

1. Once I get I-20 from a school and then apply for change of status from H1 to F1 - can I use that COS receipt notice to ensure my legal status even if employer revokes H1? So my status won't be H1 - it will be "applied for F1". Is that legal?

2. Using this receipt and the I-20 can I start my studies before the actual F1 is approved? I contacted a college which says that I can start studying even before F1 is approved - is this correct?

Please advise. Thanks