Urgent - H1-B Question

Hi Experts,
I have question related to H1B. Currently I have an approved H1B which is valid until Sept 2020 (including -94), but unfortunately we had a layoff in our company and I am also part of it.

Could you please let me know whether below listed option is valid or not and also let me know if any other good (legal) options,

As my I-94 is valid till 2020, can I continue to search for new job and transfer my H1 to new employer? and can I do this any time before Sept 2020 and up until can I stay in US legally (it won't take that much time to search for a job, I meant here is until I get a job) ?.

Please let me know on the same at the earliest.


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Once you are laid off you have 60 days to find new employer & have your employer file change of employer petition. Having I-94 valid until Sep 2020 has no meaning when you are laid off.