URGENT - first time H1B visa stamping in Paris, France


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My husband has H1B, received his PhD from here and works at the university as a professor. He's traveling for the first time and needs to get his H1B stamped in Paris so that he can come back into the Unites States, he's appointment is scheduled for June 4. He's never been out of status and doesn't have a criminal record. Anyone who's had their first stamping in Paris - how long does it take?

We're extremely nervous because he already has a ticket to another country in 5 days after France and don't know if this is sufficient time for them. He's leaving on June 3rd, so any responses are highly appreciated - THANK YOU!
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Me Too !!


I am the exact same situation. I am an Indian national working in the US on H1B visa and have to travel to Paris on business - so I need a visa to re-enter the US.

Was your husband able to get the visa? Is he a French citizen? How many days it take? Would they return the passport (with visa) right away if requested?



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Hi, I am planning to go to Amsterdam, Netherland for H-1B visa revalidation stamp. I had the first H1-B visa stamp in India. ANy advice would be helpful. Does anybody had any experience getting stamp in european country. I plan to visit for a week and know would need the shengian visa but have not read any experience of H1B visa stamping. Please advice.thanks for all input


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OK, as a follow up to my original question, the French consulate stamped my husband's passport with H1B stamp and mailed the passport to him in 2 days, while we were still in Paris.


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schengen visa - issue - H1B

did you have to apply for schengen visa to go to paris? I want to go to Paris to get my first h-1b stamp but my F-1 visa is expired already. I am not sure if I can qualify for a schengen with an appointment proof at US consulate at Paris to get my H-1B stamp. did you have the same situation as me?

Thank you very much for your kind help.


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Stamping H1 In Any country

Based on this thread would it eb safe to assume that it is OK to stamp the H1B in any US Consulate? I would be goiung in for my 2nd stamping as I have changed employers.
\Please Advice.


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Hope this helps.. I am travelling to UK on a business trip.. Need H1 re-stamping to enter US and called for appointment at london embassy. To my surprise, the guy on the phone said it is not advisable to go to london embassy as chances are less for me being an Indian national. I should go to my home country for stamping. He suggested I can still go ahead and book an appointment at London embassy but there are high chances that it will be rejected.

Hope this helps.



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H1B visa stamping in Paris

Hi Everyone,
My H1B visa expires on Jan 31, 2010. I have an international trip coming up and planning to renew my H1B visa at the Paris (FRANCE) consulate. I am planning to go to the consulate on feb 2 and will be in paris from Feb 2-9.

Could anyone share their recent experiences on their visa processing at Paris? Does anyone have a list of documents that I need to take?

Appreciate your help in advance.


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Have you confirmed with the consulate in Paris that they will entertain an application from someone who is not a resident of France?

My H1B visa expires on Jan 31, 2010. I have an international trip coming up and planning to renew my H1B visa at the Paris (FRANCE) consulate. I am planning to go to the consulate on feb 2 and will be in paris from Feb 2-9.


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Thanks S K Ghori.

I got the following response from the Paris consulate.

"You may choose to apply through U.S. Embassy Paris with a complete application file/ all required documentation.
Public Inquiries
Visa Services
U.S. Embassy Paris"

Should I assume it should be OK if I go to Paris consulate?


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Hi Prabhu,

Did you get it? I have to get a J1 renewal , I am going for a conf to France and would like to get the stamp in Paris. I already had an administrative processing (TAL) the first time I got the J1 in Mumbai- in 2007. I have not changed institution or employer.


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I am an indian citizen and currently working in france, recently i got an offer from US and they sent me an approved petition along with all the documents. So i applied for my H1B visa at US consulate in Paris.Did anybody know how much time for the administrative processing of H1B visa took in Paris (US consulate)?