URGENT! Can someone recommend a good immigration attorney in CA?


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Can someone PLEASE recommend a good immigration attorney, who has experience in filing for GC for H1-b holders working in CA, preferrably in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Thank you in advance of your kind assistance!
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Jackson-Hertogs has a good reputation, but it may be expensive if you do it on your own.
Fragomen, the ones I have now, is not only very expensive, but they work against you (they work only to get as much $$$ as possible from the company)

If you pay yourself, you may be interested in:
Dale Warner (he is famous and may not take your case)



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Do not hire Berry, Appleman, & Leiden, LLP

I do not know which office is good, but I know Berry, Appleman, & Leiden, LLP is bad :mad: . They are not professional at all and they gave us false advice, not motivated to get their work done. They filed my I-485 paper the wrong way, despite we pointed out their mistake, they did not correct it and insisted filing the way they did, eventually it led to RFE because of their filing mistake, INS almost denied my case, the attorney advised us to pay $1,000 for some wrongdoing (out of status) we never commit in order to get the case approved. Later, we found out the real reason for the RFE was their mistake for putting "homemaker" instead of "student" as occupation for OPT period :confused: . We requested them to correct the mistake when responding to the RFE, they threatened that we might get the case denied, however if we paid the $1,000 admitting we were out of status, the INS would approve our case. We insisted that we were not out of status and requested them to correct their mistake, it took them almost 2 months to answer the RFE, and eventually INS approved the case. Should we take their advice, we would have to plead guilty for being out of status as not having a job during OPT period? They told us the one giving us the advice to pay $1000 fine was the one that was the expert on the OPT subject in their office, you can just imagine what kind of people are working there. :eek: Just stay away from that office! :mad:


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tominavhech said:
If you want avg attorneys in SFO - There are abt 6-7 here
Deborah L. Smith used to work here and she was very good. She left S&U firm recently. Jennifer Shih is hopeless, don't use her services if u go to S&U.
Teresa Bright over there is good - like all lawyers she pushes back when you suggest something - but she can be persuaded. She is a good listener.


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Try www.chugh.com

They have team of experienced and good lawyers. They are not so expensive and their response time is good. The main thing is that they knew what they are doing and they do it right the first time.