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Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by HH88, May 30, 2018.

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    I've been trying to do some research and all of the information is getting jumbled and confusing in my brain. I just don't know the best way to approach my situation.

    I am Canadian, my fiance is American. Currently, I'm in University still, in the last year of my program.

    Basically, my end goal is that I want to be able to marry and move and establish a life there with him. I will have 2 degrees and a diploma in science/health care fields with a higher earning potential. There are always job postings in the states in my field, so I suspect it would be easier for me to move there. I know that there's the K1 fiance visa, marriage based green card, there's H-1B although I believe that one is temporary and probably harder to get because of the limits they issue each year. I want to make a permanent move and establish a life there, not be there temporarily.

    So I was just wondering on advice on what the best approach would be? Being fresh out of school next year, I want to minimize the amount of time I am unemployed and missing out on gaining experience in my field. If we go the K1 or marriage based way, am I allowed to stay in Canada and work until everything is approved and I am legally allowed to then work in the states? Or would I have to physically be in the states, and thus unemployed, until the adjustment of status/green card/whatever is approved?

    Just trying to plan ahead so I can get the ball rolling as soon as possible when I am done school. Any advice or info or even direction on where I can look to clarify my questions would be greatly appreciated :)

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    Both K1 and CR1 take around a year to get through all the process paperwork etc before the interview that will give you the visa to enter. During this time you’d stay in Canada. So it seems to make sense to apply now and finish studying while waiting for the process to work out. Note that K1 takes a little faster but you can’t work when you arrive, have to wait till marriage /AOS = a few months. CR1 (spouse visa) is an immigrant visa and you can start working immediately you arrive in the US.

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