Unemployment Benefits for Aliens ie on TN


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What's your question.

You can't get unemployment benefits in the US, as you are not authorized to work in the US right now. But you can get the unemployment credits transferred to Canada and you can get the unemployment benefits in Canada.
This was for information to tell the TN candidates to get UI if they are laid off either living in USA or living in Canada and have worked in USA.
You will get UI.
Nimic2002 where are you currently living? US or Canada?
If in US, what is your current immigration status? When does it expire?


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If you are in the US in visitor status, or any other status where you are not authorized to work for any employer, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. If you got it, there was a mistake, or you made some kind of false claim on your application. Do not tell other people to commit fraud.
Why will USA pay a person if they are in Canada? Why will Canada pay for that person who earned in USD?

Just because you can move to Canada after losing a job in USA is Canada not entitled to pay? Is there a link to file for unemployment through Canada after losing job in USA?
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I have to delete your post @Nimc2002. What you’ve described is not allowed legally. Since this forum does not support members violating immigration rules and trying to justify it, the post cannot be allowed to remain.
here is a link to file for EI (or UI) in Canada based on working in US

incase the link is broken, here is a cut and paste of text
How to file a claim for American Unemployment Insurance benefits
To file a claim for American Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must call the Telephone Information Service or go to the nearest Service Canada Centre. You will be asked to give your name, address, phone number, Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Social Security Number (SSN) and indicate the state from which you want to claim benefits. Depending on the state in which you last worked, you may be able to file a claim directly with the workforce development agency for that state via the Internet or by phone. If the workforce development agency for that state does not accept claims via the Internet or by phone, information will be forwarded to a designated office responsible for handling such claims based on where you reside in Canada. You may also contact the designated Service Canada Centre directly.

You must provide proof that your employment in the United States was authorized by American immigration regulations and that you are available for and actively seeking work in Canada. If you are not a Canadian resident, you will be asked for proof that you are authorized to work in Canada.


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The procedure is quite well-established, and starts with re-establishing Cdn residency, and contacting service Canada. THEY and the state UI will then co-ordinate between themselves, and determine if you are eligible, and which organization pays you.