Unemployment benefit on H4 EAD


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I was working on H4 EAD, laid of last month due to Covid-19 situation. Applying for tons of jobs but positions going on hold, received offers eventually getting rescind.
I am wondering if I can apply for unemployment benefit knowing it will take few months to settle down the current situation.

The website for filing online application for unemployment benefit doesn't say eligibility for I-765 but says for I-766 but it also gives option to have other document.
My question
1. Am I eligible for unemployment benefit considering I am not US citizen ?
2. Recently published guideline for public charge in Feb 2020 by USCIS clearly says that getting govt benefits will be problem for aliens for their extension of status or green card if benefit is received for more than 12 months during last 36 months period which obviously is not my case.
Will there be problem regarding the same in future for my extension or GC if I get benefit ?

Please note some people find this I am too greedy or its free money but keeping in mind I have personal medical reasons.


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The EAD is I-766 (it says on the back of the card). (I-765 is just the form to apply for an EAD.)

1. Yes. Most states just require you to be authorized to work for any employer, which you are with an EAD.
2. No, unemployment benefits are not considered