UK Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals.. Need Help..


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Does anyone have any recent experience going to UK with a Tourist Visa or Having applied for one Tourist Visa? I've searched a lot in the nest and at each place it seems different.

I have 2 friends in the UK. One who is working and the other studying doing his MBA.

I need some help in the documentation that needs to be provided to Visit UK for about 10 days to meet my friends. When I asked a consultant this is what he told me. I really wonder if we need so many documents in so less time. My concerns are minimum balance and a few as shown below;

a) Photo

b) Original Updated Bank Balance Statement (Six Month) with Bank Address, Bank Contact No & Bank Seal. (with minimum balance

of 1.5 Lakhs and not recently deposited)

c) IT Returns/Form 16 Updated 3 years

d) Leave Sanction letter from your Company

e) Salary Slip - 3 Month Updated

If Sponsor from UK for Accommodation:
  • Invitation Letter with Complete Address and Contact Details for Sponsorer
  • Invite Party Passport and Visa Copy
  • Employment Proof
  • Salary Slip Last 3 Months
  • Bank Statement Last 6 Months Updated
  • Tenancy or Land Agreement Copy
  • Council Tax Copy
  • P60 Latest Tax Paid Receipt

Please tell me what you think of these requirements...


kenpachi zarach

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Regarding uk visa applied in india

Hi everyone!!

I applied more than three weeks back in the student visitor category to go to the uk this summer for 2 months. I didn't get any phone call/email but when i track it in the vfs website it says 'processed application delivered to bluedart on ...'.

Does it mean its accepted?? Also could anyone tell me if we'll be informed through phone/email if our application is rejected or they'll simply send the processed application(either accpted or rejected) to our address??

P.S: My frnds whose applications were rejected got phone calls.