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Tsa detained me for having valid green card and passport ?

Discussion in 'Discuss any legal or other issue' started by Ziad Adaimy, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Ziad Adaimy

    Ziad Adaimy New Member

    Was in Mexico on a company paid vacation last month. Flew out of Lax to Nuevo Vallarta during the re-entry prosses TSA asked to see my passport and green card wich are both valid TSA then scanned my green card when he gave me a weird look and asked me when I obtained my card I Have been here since 1985 first arrived here "legally" and obtained a permanent green card when I was 4 years old in 2008-9 I renewed my green card and it was valid and updated "finger prints" "new photo" and with a new experation date of 2017 . TSA then scanned my fingerprints then asked me to follow them to secondary . I then waited 30 min to speak with another TSA officer that asked me about my travels I answered all there questions when she asked me if I had ever been arrested ??? I then asked her if I was being detained she answers "NO" then I told her I don't have to answer any more of her questions . So she called her superior officer wich then asked me to coperate it shows you have a arrest dating back to 2005 wich was an arrest but no conviction . He then asked me if "I had my court docs on me " I answered no who travels with there court docs ? So then they striped me of my belongings and locked me in a room for 6 hours for no apparent reason . I was very frustrated after 6 hours when I finally banged on the door and demanded to speak to whoever was in charge . TSA chief officer then opens the door and asks me to step out and tells me I overlooked your file and you are free to go my green card and my passport were confiscated and temporary green card was issued . TSA chief then tells me if you don't recieve your passport and green card within 30 days you will be contacted by INS with a court date to see a immigration judge ??? Its been almost 2 month with no contact no passport and a temporary green card that expires in dec 2015 ???
  2. newacct

    newacct Well-Known Member

    I don't think that was TSA. TSA checks your belongings and person for dangerous objects, etc., on outbound flights. They have nothing to do with immigration or re-entry.
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  3. Ziad Adaimy

    Ziad Adaimy New Member

    thx for the reply newacct I still don't understand why immagaration would detain me for 6 hours for having valid documents . Then confiscating my paper work for no reason ??
  4. USC2013

    USC2013 Registered Users (C)

    Get a lawyer asap.....they probably want to challenge your green card. Only an immigration judge can revoke your green card....
    they have a reason but you just dont know it yet.
  5. Ziad Adaimy

    Ziad Adaimy New Member

    And here's another question for you do I have any rights as a resident ? Can a hire an Attorny and go after them for unlawful detainment
    USC2013 do you know of a good lawyer that can help me in this case ?
  6. devoidanz61

    devoidanz61 New Member

    Any update on your case? It sounds bizarre that your permanent residence is being challenged over an arrest with no conviction. What crime were you charged for in that arrest?
  7. ou90d02

    ou90d02 Registered Users (C)

    Whichh airport. Was ur crime before or after green card
  8. Jbuff

    Jbuff Member

    Immigration looks at arrest different
    Eg. You were arrested for drug possesion and took a plea deal. Enter a Drug programme to get case dismissed
    Now legally after you complete your programme and case is dissmissed

    It would be be an arrest but no conviction

    Hence why the immigration officer always wants the disposition of your case when applying for citizenship. Those details will be there

    In the eyes of immigration your guilty. Because in order to accept a plea deal you must admit guilt and plea to the lesser charge!!

    So sometimes arrests with no conviction can harm immigrants more than we realise!!

    Especially if its a crime that would make u deportable if found guilty

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