Truck driver, living in truck, 3 month state residency requirement n400, no stable address


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Hi, I’m OTR long haul truck driver, basically living in a truck. Soon I will be ready to apply for US citizenship. My question is that I don’t rent or own a house. I use a mail forwarding service in Florida that provides a street address and scans my mail. I’m using this service with same address for over 2 years. My taxes, DL, bank account, everything is done through this address. As I understand, I’m considered Florida resident. Will I have problem listing this address as my physical address in n400 and explaining my situation? I’ve been googling this topic and opinions are split. I’ve found a poster with quiet the same situation and he was denied (actually IO suggested he withdrew his application) because he didn’t ACTUALLY live at least 3 month in that state prior to filing n400. What are your thoughts? What should I do?

Edit: I was Actually living in FL about 2 years ago, before going over the road.