Travelling to US on new US passport


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Hi all, I recently got my first time US passport and couriered it to India (as I am in India for an emergency reason), now I want to travel back to US will that cause any issue because I didn't leave US on US passport ? I really appreciate your thoughts on this.


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Did you enter India with your old Indian passport even though you were already an US citizen? If so, you may have already violated Indian laws (

Once you acquire the citizenship of another country, it is illegal to travel on the Indian passport. As India does not allow dual citizenship, holding a non-cancelled Indian passport after acquiring a foreign citizenship is an offense with penalties.


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thanks for the reply yes I realized that hard way, didn't know it before. I am taking necessary steps to surrender my passport pay the penalty and get the Exit permit from Indian immigration and travel back to US. Indian immigration did not asked me to take any visa though they said i should be able to exit India based on Exit permit it self. Hope that works out.

But now my question is mainly on US immigration, can I now travel to US with new US passport without any issue , since i did not exited on it.


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US immigration has no requirement for a USC to exit the US on a US passport. You can present any applicable passport at the point of departure to the airline when leaving the US.


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Technically you need to exit on it but there does not appear to be a penalty if you don’t.