Travelling to Pakistan with valid green card & Pakistani passport with less than 6 mo valid


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My parents have green card. They are going to Pakistan for a short visit. Their green card expires in 3 years from now, but their Pakistani passport will expire in 4 months. Will they be allowed to travel back to Pakistan with a passport that has less than 6 month validity? Their ticket is through Etihad, so they will be transiting through Abu Dhabi.
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Pakistan doesn't care. They are citizens and can enter Pakistan by right. The US also doesn't care because they are permanent residents, so as long as the passport is valid, they can come back.


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Thanks. So i will check with the airline. Since travelling by Etihad, not sure if transit at Abu Dhabai would be a concern.

Thanks again

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No one in Abu Dhabi will be concerned. As long as you have a valid Pakistani passport to enter Pakistan, that is all Etihad staff will care about.