Travelling on US passport as Dual National and passport about to expire

Hi I have American passport expiring on
April 14 2020 .I am traveling to Pakistan on
March 14 2020 with Qatar airways .I have NICOP which means I don't need visa on my passport .my travel agent says I don't need to worry about anything as I am dual national and have NICOP. My concern is
Should I renew my passport as expedited services or I don't need to worry about
I am not worried about immigration in Pakistan because of NICOP but my major.concern is will Qatar airways allow boarding or not .please help
Thank You


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The airline might not allow you to board, unless they are very clear that NICOP allows entry to Pakistan as a dual national. If I were you, I would do an expedited renewal at a passport agency (IN PERSON!).

In general, this is cutting it EXTREMELY close with passport validity. A six month buffer is always recommended.