Travelling India on expired visa/i-94.


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Here is my problem:

Travelling India on expired visa/i-94.

My H1B Visa expired on Jan 12th 2004, and I-94 expired one year back as I never went to India since my last revalidation. same is the case with my wife, her H4 visa expired on Jan 12th 2004.

I applied for 7th year extension on 09/15/2003 and waiting for approval from TSC. (My labor is pending at regional level since last 1 year 2 months). Our attorney is saying that it takes 6 months for extension cases. So I may expect my H1B approval by March15th 2004 and then I will be sending docs to St. Louis for revalidation.

Here is my problem:

My wife is planning to go India next month i.e Feb and come back after my visa revalidation is done i.e May 2004. I am planning to go to India with valid visa and bring her back in may.

Please advise me if there are any high risk factors involved. Even I am thinking that my labor will be done by the time my revalidation is complete.

Is there any premium processing procedures for revalidation.

Please advise me of any possible ways that I can avail in this situation.

Thanking in advance.