Travelling abroad while H1B and STEM OPT pending


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I was picked in the H1B lottery this year but my case has been pending since April. I have now applied for STEM OPT extension too. My current F-1 OPT expires on 20 Feb 2019. I plan to travel to India in mid December and come back in mid Jan 2019. I am a worried that the pending H1B as well as STEM OPT case may cause some problems with my travel. Has anyone been in a similar situation before or has any advice on this matter?
Thank you.


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As long as your H-1B petition was filed before your OPT expired, you can remain in the United States and work during the cap gap period between the end of OPT and October 1. But if you have completed studies and OPT and you travel abroad during the cap gap, you cannot be readmitted to the United States in F-1 status.