Traveling with Refugee travel document close to expiration date

Luis Marquez

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I'm a permanent resident as a result of being granted asylum in the US. I have a refugee travel document which expires in May 2018. I'm traveling this summer (August 2017) and have another travel plan in March 2018 for just a couple of weeks. March is just two months before expiration date and I'll be back before that, I wanted to know if I can I travel during the whole year validity of my travel document as long as I come back before exp date ?
Anyone has done this before? thanks


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Yes you can. I have returned to the US about a month before the expiration of my RTD. The question is will the other country allow you to go there with a travel document that is valid for less than six months. Check to make sure.
Hi everyone,
I being granted asylum on October 3th 2017. I applied for RTD and it will expire on January 2019. I had a trip on March 23 untill April 16th.
First: I want to go on a trip again for about 2 months, is it ok? Do you think it isn't problem for immigration? Or isnt make any problem for me to renter to the US? Or to get my green card?
Second: can I apply for my green card after 9 months pass from my granted asylum day? Or do I need to wait exactly one year after my granted asylum day?
Please please answer me if you guys have any experience about.