Traveling abroad from Canada after U.S Oath ceremony ?

Odd situation,

I'm a Canadian citizen and scheduled for my U.S Oath ceremony in about 10 days, when I become dual.
I need to go to Spain within that week after the Oath.
I understand and have looked into the various ways of obtaining my US passport after the oath, including the same-day services here in NYC.

I was wondering if it's at all possible for me to go to Montreal the day after the oath, visit some family, and just fly to Spain from there (it's also surprisingly cheaper, about $300 less for the airfare!) using my Canadian passport? Then, while in Spain during my 2 month stay, I can have my roommate here in NY mail me my US passport when it shows up?

The other option I thought of would be to just get my passport at the US Embassy in Madrid, should I present them with my US citizenship certificate.
Is that even an option?

I know I can just pay the same-day expedite fee, get the US passport and leave from here.
I just thought it would save me quite a few $$ to leave from Montreal and spend a few days with family as I won't see them for a while afterwards.

Thank you for any advice.


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I don't know if the original poster has travelled to Canada yet--it is just barely past the 10 day mark--but I would be more cautious than newacct seems to be regarding doing this. One is supposed to both exit and enter the US--as a US citizen--with a US passport. Although there are usually not any exit controls when leaving the US, I have not found this to be true 100% of the time. A couple of times I've personally been inspected by CBP while leaving the US. On the couple of occasions when this has happened, the CBP have been stationed in the jetway as I boarded an aircraft leaving the US, and inspected other passengers and myself just before we boarded.

If you have already made it safely to Canada the rest of your plan should work out fine--but I consider it to be a slightly more risky plan than newacct does. I'd personally err on the side of caution and get the passport before leaving.