Travel while EAD Application Pending

I currently have a pending EAD renewal application (based on E3-Dependent eligibility category - A17). This application is based on my recently renewed extension of stay application (I539 which resulted in an approved I797 and extended I-94 date).

Now, the EAD processing time is taking a while and I have plans to travel overseas. While we travel, we also plan to get the our visa renewed in Australia (E3 for primary and E3D for myself).

Is it okay, to travel and return with a renewed visa while the EAD application is pending? The travel might result in a new I-94 and the concern here is - would it affect the EAD application where were entered this information such as I-94 validity date, port of entry, etc. which are likely to change. Would travel pose any problems to the pending EAD application?