Travel to Canada by road. No stamps on the passport. How to find the dates?

For vacation, I traveled to Canada by road for a few days and came back to States several years ago.

For citizenship application, how do I find the dates of travel?
There is no official stamps... any good suggestions?

Will it suffice to bring hotel reservation emails and other resources as best as I can?

I went there twice. One at Rainbow bridge border (Niagara Falls), and another time in Vancouver, CA.


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You’re supposed to keep track of your travel dates. At this stage you can use the information you have, such as hotel reservations, or any other information you can dig up from your emails to figure out your past travel dates.

There’s no expectation to present actual proof of those trips especially if they’re just a couple of days/weeks of being away. You’re only required to report/list them.


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I only figured out the two days I was in canada by the pictures I took while I was there. Yep, there are no stamps on the passport etc. Canada immigration just waves you in, no questions asked when traveling by road.