Travel back to US after being out more than 2 years


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I need a quick clarification. My father is 82 yrs old, has a Green card and has been outside the US since May 2019. The plan was to be outside the country for more than 1 year and hence applied for a re-entry permit. The validity of the re-entry permit is up to Sept 2021.

The plan was to get him back to the US prior to May 2021 within the 2 years timeline, however with the COVID situation am not comfortable with him traveling specially since he is in the at risk category due to his age.

Question: Does he have to be back before May 2021 or is it ok as long as he is back prior to the expiry of his re-entry permit (Sept 2021).

Please help.



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When I had a re-entry permit a few years ago, I was explicitly told by the US consular officer who gave it to me that I had to re-enter the US before it expired, even if this was more than two years after I left the US. He may have been wrong, but that's what I was told.