Translation and statements for O1 visa

2 questions about O1-B visa:

1) What is the best format for the translation of websites (like press releases, reviews)? Is it fine to copy the relevant text into a pdf with mentioning the source and then just attach a screenshot? One translator told me that with screenshots literally everything has to be translated, even the header, menu, etc. Would be much easier (and cheaper) if it's just the text.

2) Am I as the beneficiary allowed to write statements about the documents submitted? Like descriptions of the performances, etc.
Also I read that it's smart to write a description about your art form, especially if it's practiced by only a few. Has anybody done that?

Thanks for answering!


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The person (other than yourself) who translates the document have to sign a certificate of translation stating that he/she is fluent in English and the other language that is being translated and that the translation is correct. I believe your lawyer should have provided you with this kind of documents.
As for question 2, I don't really understand what are you trying to do. Are you talking about description for your portfolio?
Whatever you plan to write, remember that you have to convince or explain an officer in the immigration office who will take a look at your document and determine that you deserve to get this 'extra ordinary' visa and he/she is not an expert in your field and doesn't know anything about what you do.
If you can find someone else in the field that is well known especially in the US, that will be a great for you.
Good luck.
For question 2 I am talking about the portfolio. I am already assembling my documents into a logical order, and I was wondering how much the immigration officers understand the meaning of the documents submitted if there is not so much context.
Example: I starred in a performance last spring with an international cast at a very distinguished venue. There are several press releases and a review and I am going to attach a wikipedia article about the venue as well as bios of my fellow performers. Will those documents be enough/understandable or is it wise to write a paragraph about what the show is about, who the performers are, who else performed at the venue, etc. to put everything into a context, so that the officers see what I am trying to prove with my evidence. Like I say in my statement about the event "x is a distinguished venue because [famous artist] has performed there in the past and newspaper x wrote this about it", and the officers can look at the documents and see what it is referring to.


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Okay, you mentioned about the review that the show got. Find out about the viewership for that article and you have to include it in the portfolio.
I can give you an example with my own experience. I had an art show. I had photos of the show, flyers too for the portfolio. Let say newspaper 'A' mentioned about the show that I was in. Not only I had to include the article, I also included the information about the newspaper. How many copies was published for each edition, how often (weekly, daily, monthly), the viewership of this particular newspaper ( who read it, what area was the paper distributed)
If you have it for every thing on your resume, then you are good.
Good luck