transit visa


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I will be travelling to India via Air India , Newark-Paris -Mumbai Route using Advance Parole.I have an expired H1-B in my passport.Do I need a transit visa for Paris.My travel agent says I don't need one but French Embassy Website indicates that I do need one.Please advise.


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I'm also interested in knowing the answer to this question.

The page at doesn't seem very clear. In section 2, there's a list of documents and it says any one of them obviates the need for an airport transit visa (different from the "transit visa"). In section 4, under their FAQ, it says "As long as you have a valid US visa stamped in your passport, you do not need an airport transit visa".


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Why can't American's get an honorary visa at the airport? I fly to Istanbul and pay $20 after deplaning and I'm in Turkey. Hmmm.