Transferring pending H1B approval


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I am currently working as a Data Analyst and my status is H1B (since 2005). Recently, we filed for H1 extension. Unfortunately, my company is going through financial issues. So, I am planning to change jobs. Hence, I have 2 important questions with regards to change in job:
1. H1 transfer- How easy it is to find an employer who would process H1 transfer, given the current administration? Also, can H1 transfer be submitted while my H1 extension is in process?
2. Effect on green card- I have filed my green card (EB-2 Priority date 09/2010 and I140 approved). So, how will my job change effect my green card? I know, I can retain my PD. But, will I have to file new labor? Or there are ways around? Also, with new labor application, can the job title be different or same as previous labor application? Finally, given the current administration what are the odds of labor approval and what is the current timeline from start to I140 approval?
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Hello Veera,
Did you get any answers to your questions? I do have a same situation as yours and want to see what can be done.

Thank you