Transfering credits using a diploma


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Hi guys
I'm moving to America soon and I want to continue my education there ,I have a 3 year university diploma from an accredited South African University .Will universities accept me if I apply to do my fourth year or should I apply for grad school?


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Check with the individual universities on their requirements and policies. Most only consider a SA degree equal to a US (4-year) bachelors if you do a 4-year B degree or an honours degree after a 3-year bachelor so you are unlikely to be accepted directly into grad school. To get a US bachelors you can transfer in to a US college but bear in mind that colleges usually (1) require a minimum time there for them to issue you a degree and (2) usually there are broader core requirements than in SA to graduate so you will probably have to pick up extra courses as well, ie likely looking at another 2 years studying this route. It’s possible you’ll find a college that will just let you make up enough credits to be eligible for graduate school without having to actually get another B degree, but this will depend on exactly what you’ve studied, what course you want to get into and what the university is.