Tracker:485 Approvals after Retrogression:Oct to Dec 2005

Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by nato, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. nato

    nato Registered Users (C)

    Tracker:485 Approvals after Retrogression:Oct to Dec 2005

    Folks most of us do exit the forum after getting approvals so I am posting this thread few days in advance for people who are approved to share data here to let us know how the approvals are coming forward after the retrogression

    No EAD/AP/140 ino needed for this

    Please post here your 485 approvals preferably with format
    Category: xxx, PDxxx, NDxxx.

    Will help us analyse the USCIS approach and trend....
  2. IPC302

    IPC302 Registered Users (C)

    Plz mention your country too ..

    IF possible Please also add the country u belong to ...if not interested to reveal your country at least mentioned whether u belong to world wide category or the IPCM category(I- India ,P- Philippines,C-China,M-Mexico).
  3. veryblue

    veryblue Registered Users (C)

    It is probably a good idea to make this thread a sticky. I think you have to send an email to the forum administrator.
  4. dcmetro22042

    dcmetro22042 Registered Users (C)

    I just filed my I140/485 last week. will surely be monitoring this thread.
  5. Billtoo

    Billtoo Registered Users (C)

    this is good idea nato -- come OCT I predict at least 1000 approval in each centers between Oct - Dec..

    The feed back will certainly help us analyse the trend...

    theRealCandian --- please do help and make this thread sticky atleast for few months.
  6. Nadi

    Nadi Registered Users (C)

    The recent approvals does show Ur theory might be true for EB3's.
  7. ar888

    ar888 Registered Users (C)

    Made the thread sticky.
  8. dcmetro22042

    dcmetro22042 Registered Users (C)

    I would like to see some movement in dates for both eb2 and eb3 in Oct thru December. Assuming that there shall not be a whole lot of applications 99, Im hoping it moves to mid to Q3 of 2000.
  9. eb1doc

    eb1doc Registered Users (C)

    Likse wise for Eb1
    I am sure there are not many cases for 2002 for is quite likely that dates will move to 2003 soon!
  10. flywash

    flywash Registered Users (C)

    My wife I-485 may be approved today 10/3/05

    Although I am not entirely sure, I think we got it because her I-485 LUD changed 10/3, and when I click on the case it said status is not available at this time. Why I think so? Because same thing happened to me on 9/22/05, and I received the magic welcome notice two days later. Also same thing happened to several people in this forum. I am hopeful. And you guys should be hopeful too. I will keep you posted.

    BTW, We were not approved at the same time because on 9/22/05 she was issued a RFE based on "NO TB TEST due to pregnancy on 08/06/04" (our PD for I-140/485 NIW EB2). RFE RD 09/28/05.

    We are from country C.
  11. flywash

    flywash Registered Users (C)

    Confirmed approval 10/3/05

    Just received an email saying case is approved and a new card is order.

    Best luck to all of you!
  12. dcmetro22042

    dcmetro22042 Registered Users (C)

    How often is the USCIS website updated?
  13. nato

    nato Registered Users (C)

    NSC folks try to post your OCT approvals,Would help others see the trend here on a consolidated basis.

    Flywash above is a derivative approval.

    Guess poeple who already got approvals are gone ;-)
  14. goodyearahead

    goodyearahead Registered Users (C)

    What do you mean by I-485 "LUD" does this mean online update?
  15. goodyearahead

    goodyearahead Registered Users (C)

    Hopeful that the same theory will extend to EB2 after oct 1
  16. goodyearahead

    goodyearahead Registered Users (C)

    I-485 with RFE after retro

    Hello all,

    Mine is EB2 category with I-485 RFE on 07/28/2005 and reply received on 09/19/2005. What are the chances after the Oct 1st retro?

  17. vj_reddy

    vj_reddy Registered Users (C)

    I-485 is approved for me and my wife on Sept 29th of 2005

    I-485 is approved for me and my wife on Sept 29th of 2005, received plastic card on Oct 4th of 2005

    India EB2
    Labor PD - May -2003
    140&485 RD - Nov4th - 2004
    140 RFE (Experience Letters) - May -2005
    140 AD - July 24 -2005
    FP - April -21st - 2005(Code 3- Bio included)
    485 RFE (dependent- Marriage Certificates) - Sept 12-2005
    RFE Responded on 26th Sept 2005
    Approved on 29th Sept.
    Received Plastic card - Oct 4th of 2005
  18. eBhola

    eBhola Registered Users (C)

    Na Na ... nobody has gone ... there are simply no more approvals ... All the "documentary approved" cases are sitting in State Department awaiting visa number ... and all the state department worker are busy with the Katrina and Rita relief efforts ... I think we should go in and help them with the relief efforts ... atleast that will allow them to do there real work and make us HaPPy.

    But atleast right now lets hope the next hurricane season is not so much bad .. or else we might see our packet sits around for year n years..

    No guys we will not loose --- in past we all asked USCIS to accelerate there process ... they gave enough gas to labor and 140 ... but the state department build a dam with there visa number ...

    The better idea will be we ask the senator n congressmen to make the validitiy period of EAD and AP for 5 years ..

    What do U think guys ...
  19. nato

    nato Registered Users (C)

    Sure even 2-3 years is the very least they can do, though emplyer change always risky

  20. fiveice

    fiveice Registered Users (C)

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