Too much overtime - is it allowed?


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Good evening,

I saw many people complaining about not being paid for overtime as an exempt employee. My questions is not that.

My questions is, is there any limit as to the maximum hours for which an H-1B worker is allowed to work per day or per week? I have a friend who is an H-1B worker and she is working for one of the Big Four accounting firms in New York City. During busy season, she is in the office working from 9am till 3 in the morning from Monday through Friday, plus 10 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. That's a lot of hours and she is exhausted. I'm just wondering - is the employer legally allowed to make its H-1B employee work such long hours? It doesn't seem right to me.

If anyone knows about this, can you share your information with me please? If this is illegal, I'm going to make a complaint to the governmental agency that takes care of this kind of issue on behalf of her because she is afraid of retaliation.

Thanks for your help!