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to all legal immigrants

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by richiemano, Feb 15, 2017.

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  1. richiemano

    richiemano Registered Users (C)

    As a legal immigrant to this country I had to wait nearly 17 years, changing different visa status while spending money, time and emotions, to get my green card. The inefficiency of the government was responsible for a 3 year delay in my green card processing.

    I request to all legal immigrants (both naturalized and waiting) to support the immigration policies of the current administration for two main reasons:

    1. It is unfair for all legal immigrants who waited in line and made sure they don't break any immigration laws to become US citizens, while the illegals just want to cut in front of us in the line.

    2. Even if the illegals were to be legalized, the overwhelming number of applications will cause an inordinate delay for the legal immigrants due to the inefficiency of the bureaucracy.

    So I believe all illegal immigrants should be deported and should go back the end of the line if they want to immigrate to US. All humanitarian arguments about illegals are bogus when considering the plight of legal immigrants.
  2. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    The recent (now stayed) Executive Order addressed people that were applying for legal immigration or non immigrant visas. The current administration hasn't said much about illegal immigrants apart from "immigrants, bad." So - what policies do you think we should support?
  3. richiemano

    richiemano Registered Users (C)

    The current administration would like to enforce existing immigration laws while the previous one created more amnesty through Executive Orders. So write to your congressman and senators stating that you support deporting all illegals.
    The recent order is a TEMPORARY ban (120 days) to figure out how to vet the immigrants from those 7 countries.
    Despite all the media created frenzy, any US administration will not deport naturalized US citizens (except convicted terrorists), nor will it take away the green card and send you back. If an immigrant hasn't broken any law (immigration or otherwise) they can rest easy.
  4. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    No amnesty was created through EOs in the prior administration.

    There were lots of people *approved* (meaning already vetted) for GCs who were making travel plans that had their immigrant visas revoked due to the EO. That was because the current administration haven't got the most basic understanding of the immigration processes they seek to control.

    I really think you need to read the original EO (now stayed) and you will more correctly understand the impact. You really have been drinking the kool aid.

    However, this thread is divisive, and I probably should have locked it up when I first saw it. Whilst the topic is immigration, the comments are clearly political and unhelpful. I am therefore locking the thread.
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