TN1 to L2 to L2-EAD

Hi ,

I am in some tricky situation , currently on TN1 and working in USA . My husband company is filing L1 and for me L2 and L2-EAD .
in that case while L2 to L2EAD , should i eligible to work continuously without break?

my company also going to file L1 for me separately

Another Question is - instead of going TN1 - L2 - L2 EAD approach better to remain individually on TN1 and later L1 ?


Usually, USCIS approves the L-2 COS and L-2 EAD at the same time in order to avoid a break in employment authorization. However, this is not 100% guaranteed. If your company files for L-1 status for you, you can guarantee having no break, as long as your TN status doesn't expire while you're waiting for the L-1 to come through. Premium processing may be useful.