TN Visa want to get paid on C2C

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Advanced apologies if this has been asked before.
I came here recently on TN Visa employee said they will pay be hourly x amount of dollars. Now their compliance department says that I cant be paid on C2C cause immigration has warned the in the past. the scenario is this TN visa provider company x pay my corporation y( which was incorporated in USA) which pay me. Can legally it can be done?
If It can is there an article on some government web site? I can show my employer?


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as far as I know there is no such limitation, my friends from Canada working in USA with their Canadian company.

Even I want to do the same, but the my contracting company not accepting C2C, so I became contract employee to that company.
Thank you Vias. As I mentioned I have a corporation registered in Michigan I cant do the Canadian company getting paid to US company any more. I am the contract employee but my company deduct taxes and I don't want that. But they cant seems to get their hear wrapped around the issue of how to pay a US registered company to a TN visa holder.


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Where your corp is doesn't matter. If you were self-employed and living in US, they would still pay you 1099. So what is the difference.

The problem is with the poor knoweledge by this firm. Not much we can do about that.
The problem is with the poor knowledge by this firm. Not much we can do about that.

I agree 100% but just because of the same reason I have to change the job and find a company that CAN pay on corp to corp. thank fully the market is hot in MI hopefully I don't have to wait long. Thank you for your response appreciate it.