TN Visa: Query about category; MBA from US and B.Sc. from India

Hello everyone,
I hope you are keeping safe and sane during these trying times!

My query:
I have an MBA (full-time) from a University in US. I have been working outside US for a long time. Currently I am in Canada (Citizen) working as a Data Analyst.

I am seeking advise from the forum on what approach to take which will allow me to work in US.
Based on what I have read so far, I think TN Visa might be a preferred way.
However, I want to understand whether my MBA degree aligns with Computer System Analyst. I over 8 years of experience as Data Analyst and Business Analyst / Project Manager.
Thank you for any information and insights you'd be willing to share.


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Not likely for CSA, what what your Bachelors in? Your experience does not count for TN.
Management consultant is possible, but the job would need to dictate a TRUE Management consultant position. Highly scrutinized.