TN visa in Investment Banking

I am looking for some advice. I have bachelor degree in civil engineering . During my undergraduate i have taken 3 courses in Microeconomics & macroeconomics & engineering economics.
Also I have taken as part of my engineering program few math courses.
In addition I have taken certificate courses from university in data science program which includes 4 courses and they are Probability, statistics , machine learning, and data analysis.

I am interested in a career in investment banking or financial analyst knowing that it is not TN category. Is there any chance based on my profile I can get TN visa in a way or another ? if yes which category best suits my case : economics or mathematician or statistician or management consultant ? can this work even though I have taken courses but I don't have an actual degree in this major .

what about financial engineer does this work as part of TN ? .

I am looking for any advice . Appreciate your cooperation
Thank you for your comment. Knowing that i have taken many certificates in finance..... When you say no chance Is it because my undergrad degree or Bachelor Must be specifically in the same category as TN like economics for economic degree or mathematician or statistician for math degree or it is based on the skills acquired ? really appreciate your cooperation


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Your degree is not in economics, regardless of how many math courses you took. And there is no TNs in finance other than economics.
i am an investment banker and i can tell you there is 0 chance, your bank's lawyer will firmly tell you no, even if you got a economist degree, TN slashed investment banker from that category. WSO has more information and data points for you. I have a math degree and got the math TN. This would be your only chance