hello all,

i have concerns on my company law firm!! they accepted my TN to GC case since last October. they said they were currently working on my PERM. However, they are still back and forth to ask about what job/skills i gained from my prior jobs etc....
I have provided all info ... they are very slow on my case!!!!
My question is, how long will take your Perm process from asking your prior skills to next step (post job advertisement, prevailing wage determination etc)? does it make sense for asking what skills you have for almost 4 months???


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Well, it would appear that they are having difficulty constructing a set of skills that you have that (a) make you eligible for an EB3 job and (b) unique enough to be able to survive the job posting.
TN doesn't require them to prove that you are filling a job that no American can fill, but PERM does.
For me it was about 2 months, they wanted me to obtain employment verification letters from my past employers to ensure my experience met the requirements.
It took 13 months for PERM from start to finish. 2 months to prepare, 4 months for Prevailing Wage Determination, 1 month for recruitment, 1 month waiting period, 5 months for PERM approval. DOL processing times do change from year to year.
Some employers may try to drag out the process.
Or they may be trying to ensure the process goes successfully as nelsona suggested.