TN / TD related ( Working for Same company in Canada but offering me new position on US Operations )

Hello team ,

I am working in canada operations for US company paying salary in CAD , same company now offer me job for USA position ( they are sending new offer letter with engineer position)
am i eligible for TN visa ?

also if yes , then my wife will get TD visa , if she found job in USA after 6 months , can she change her status from TD -> TN and do POE ?



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Yes, but it may be better to get an L1 (as a transferee), and then she can work as soon as her EAD comes through. EAD gives her chance to work withput needing sponsorship. In the meantime she could of course get her own TN.

If you have an engineering degree and they are offering you an engineering job, then this should be a slamdunk easy TN, but push for an L1, which can be gotten after you start work.
Thanks Nelsona,
yeah L1 is the best option but currently they put Hold on the L1 processing . so now TN is the only option also - i dont want to be there for long time or not interested in dual intent .

By the way , i still have Q - if i move on TN and my wife on TD and she found employrer there does she easily change her TD to TN ( with known fact she has to do Point of Entry )