TN Renewals Query

Q1)I am a seeking my Canadian citizenship, I would like to check on the scope of renewals of the TN visa. How many possible extension are possible for the TN visa.

Q2) In case I have a active bank account, CPP & Ontario Health card which active would that be enough to prove the ties to Canada.

Q3) In case for a temporary time if i move to India to look out my aged parents & then even would i be still able to apply for the TN visa would the ties to homeland be a question?

Await for your response.


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How about getting Cdn citizenship first. You don't need ties to Canada (or any other country) to get TN, just citizenship.
Nelsona is right... Get your citizenship first. After that, your degree and it's applicability to TN profession will determine if you can get tn
Hello Thank you for responding. My paper work is in progress, I am waiting for the Oath dates. Due to this uncertain situations there is a delay. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have an Engineering Degree(Bachelor in Technology ) with Electrical Engg as Major. I am working for a Tech firm looking for software developer/Engg Positions, will i fit in the NAFTA/TN Job categories. I had a query for the renewals. Bcoz i just read some where that the ties were needed etc. So hence wanted to confirm & once we have an approved TN Visa for 3 years was curious to know about the renewal process. Thanks again for clarifying that. Will hold off entirely till i have a passport.

Wishing everyone safe & happy day ahead.