TN Renewal and Embassy stamping

I have received the TN renewal employer papers and were planning to travel to US on March 22 as my current TN expires on March 24th.

Meanwhile, due to the current CODVID-19 situation, my US employer is urging all the employees to work from home and they have given me an option to stay in Canada.
1) Can I get the TN visa stamped without going to the airport/ or border ?
2) Can I get a TN visa stamped at an US embassy, continue to work legally with my new TN in Canada and travel to US when the situation eases ?

Thanks to all.
I assume you are a Canadian Citizen., currently in Canada.

1) No, must drive to POE or book an airfare and go through Airport Pre-clearance (and take flight), at CBP request TN status for new TN with all the required documentation. You can turn around and drive back to Canada or take a flight back to Canada.
OR your employer can file I-129 for an extension of your current TN, wait about 5 months, or can file I-129 with premium processing with an extra fee, for roughly 2 week response.
2) No US embassy will not issue TN, only CBP at POE or pre-clearance (and you must fly) or your employer file I-129 to USCIS.
Thanks Amberleaf.
Yes, I am a Canadian citizen who is looking to renew the TN.
Coronavirus made airline travels pretty grim these days and unfortunately the weeks are coinciding with my renewals. To avoid airport confusions and cancellations, I am planning to drive to a border (POE) closer to Alberta. I will search up the forum for their Montana POE experiences and hopefully get the TN stamped.