TN/I-94 and passport expiry

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Just wanted to reconfirm for a friend who is about to apply for his TN...

1) 3-yr TN offer
2) Passport expires in 2017 though

Will he still get an I-94 with expiry date 3-yrs from date of issue (regardless of passport expiry) OR will CBP issue the I-94 that expires on the date of passport expiry? If its the former, i am assuming she can simply take the I-94 out of current passport and put in the new one after the current passport expires? Thank you.


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Correct. The TN will have a 3-year duration, but until you renew your passport, your I-94 will coincide with its expiry.
Once you renew passport, you can return to border, with original application and your I-94 will be re-issued with remaining time.
The I-94 is not "tied" to the passport, but it is only valid until the stamp date, you will need to go to border after you get the new passport and before I-94 expiry to get the full 3 years.