TN denied - would reapplying be risky?

Hi all,

I had all the documentation for the TN very recently (having got one before under another profession), however this time it was for an Accountant profession. USCBP determined that my job duties were not sufficiently in line with the US Department of Labor definition of Accountant, and my application was denied. I have a (US equivalent) Master's degree in Business with a major in Economics, having done a lot of finance and accounting courses. They took my sworn statement (form I-867A), denied me the TN but since I was 100% honest, they issued no 5-year ban nor expedited removal nor any such penalties.

If the same company were to legitimately find use for me as an Economist, which I would qualify for as I have a Master's with a major in Economics, with job duties aligning with those determined by the US DoL, could they potentially see this reapplication as grounds to ban me from the US if they have suspicions due to a prior denial? I'm Canadian, by the way. Thanks.


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Since they said the job you previously applied for was not a TN job, and this one is, I don't see a problem. There is no reason to worry about that form you signed, it is standard. Failing a TN petition is not a big deal. Nor is failing a second one, since the facts in the petition have changed. As long as you are honest (I don't know what "100% honest" means; honest is honest).