TN being given At Peace or Rainbow Bridge Rt Now?

Why are people with regular TN Jobs not posting anything here? I see everyone who is healthcare worker only posting their experience about TN visa.

Is there anyone without "health background" ex: consultant, Economist, graphic designer, computers systems analyst, etc. Applying and has received TN at these bridges?

Can you return to Canada OR have to go to USA after getting TN right away?
I am asking people what profession- what category you applied in, what border did you apply at? What was the question?

Could you return after getting TN to Canada of you went from Canada?
Do you have to leave for USA rt away?
Yes, I got my status extended for 3 years and my wife got a her i94 TD extended last week at Laredo, Juarez Lincoln bridge (lane 2). We had to go cross to Mexico and turn around as there was nowhere to park our car and walk to the CBP office. It might be possible to walk before, but now they have barricaded the entire approach area, so one has to keep driving to the bridge. It took us 2 hours to make the 1 mile u turn.