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    I did a lot of research in getting infopass appointment. Based on my findings and the suggestions in this forum, here are some tips:

    1. Each day appointments open up for the next two weeks only. For example on 1st of March, appoinments for March 15 will open up (if there are appointments available for earlier dates then they will also show up).

    2. You MAY NOT need one appointment for each person. Refer to:
    It says:
    Q. Does each member of my immediate family need an INFOPASS appointment?
    A. No. If there is more than one person in the immediate family (husband, wife, children) that needs service, only one member of the family actually needs an INFOPASS appointment.
    Take a print out of that page with you. Though it pertains to San Jose only, you can still make a point. (I went with one appt only for my whole family. The officer asked appts for others, I told her hat I was not able to get even though I repeatedly tried. Then she told me to write other family members names and addresses in a paper. After that she entered those details in her computer and got me appointments. I had one appointment booked for my wife for a different date, but I didn't tell that to that officer. I thought she will find it out when she books the appointment for my wife. But luckily she didn't find that out. I think that's the way the system works).

    3. The updates are done anytime between 4.45 PM (evening) and 5.45 PM (evening). So log in at that time to get an appointment.

    4. You can also get an appointment as soon as someone cancels theirs. So if you keep refreshing the page (for 24 hrs a day :p !) you may be lucky to get one.

    5. The I-485 approval coutesy copy (that comes to you) is enough. You don't need the main copy sent to your attorney.

    Here is a collection of what others have said about inofpass in this forum (only the important ones are posted here).


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    As many shared, its common when they try to get appointment in overloaded Local/District offices in regular day time through infopass,

    To solve the issue many ppl got sucess when they tried in either midnight or very early in morning(i.e 5 am).

    Try it an shared with us.

    Good Luck

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    Try it between 4:55 PM - 5:05 PM EST. That is the time when they update there database and removes cancelled appointment. Have two machines ready if you need two infopass. Print the confirmation as soon as you get it. Saving the page doesn't save the BAR code.

    Best of luck

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    Was getting the same message all day long


    Tried between 5:30 and 6:30 and got appointments for me and spouse.

    Two different IP's for both the machines. One from work and one from home.
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    The Infopass system for Dallas schedules a mix of appointments over an allotted time period for every 30 minutes, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each week, a new day is opened for new appointments. Thus, if the appointment seeker is frustrated by unavailable appointments one day, he or she need only try back early the next morning to obtain an appointment.

    There are two tracks for appointments in Dallas. One set is only for the purpose of filing and review of adjustment applications under the DORA program. The other track schedules all the case inquiries, work permits and normal fare of Infopass appointments.

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    Got if Finally !!!

    I tried and tried and finally got the appointment. Can't say how many times i tried in the past 7 days. Last week, i could enter my info twice, but when i submitted for appt, it came up with none available. I was so frustrated.

    Finally got appt for monday(01/24) on friday evening at about 5:25 pm.
    There was only slot availble and i picked it. Looks like someone cancelled and i
    happen to check at the same time.
    Yes, infopass for charlotte is very bad.
    Goodluck guys

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    Dont give up, there is a particular time you try and it works. If you want for Monday try sunday after 1800 hrs. Keep trying and you will get it for monday which is 2 weeks later. If you try monday , it may all be taken by people trying sunday night. For tuesday appointment try on monday evening after 1800 hrs keep trying, you will get it by night. In case you have more than 1 appoitment required, ask your friends to take appointments for others in your family or use office computer, Kinkos etc. Only one appointment per day per Ip address i think is allowed.



    If you are not able to make appointment through web, then you can visit the center showing your ID and then go to information center and make a appointment there with Rep they will help you to make a appointment also.
    It is little bit long and time taking process compared to doing from home on internet.
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    We went to Charlotte office last week for PP stamp. Here are the details :

    To get infopass apptmt, keep trying on the website (every 10-15 minutes)
    either early in the morning (6AM) or after 3PM. You will get it.

    We had infopass aptmt. We were asked for it at the gate. The apptmt time was 11AM , we were there at 10.20 , the security person asked to come back at 10.45 inside the bldg.

    We went back at 10.45, after initial sign-in (5 minutes wait) we were asked to wait. It took 45 minutes before we were called in. Looked like only couple of officers were worrking and others were busy somewhere else. Although we had 11AM apptmt, we were called in 11.45AM and passport got stamped around noon. The officer asked for all EAD's/AP , I-94's and 2 PP size fotos.

    She kept the courtesy 485 approval copy and returned the copy which I got from lawyer.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Good Luck to All,



    But the trick is in getting to pages on the InfoPass website where you can take appointment. You need to keep trying until you get to the appointment page as the server is busy all the time. Best time to get to the pages is early morning or very very late in the night. Website is the only way to schedule an appointment, there is no phone or other means to take the appointment.

    Once you use one computer to take an appointment you cannot use it again, you need to go to other computer and make an attempt to take the appointment for the other family member or change the IP address of the computer you used prior. Somebody told me that we need to use different phone numbers for each family member. Just don't know which Maharathi built this system, I really admire the proficieny with which the system is made so un-friendly, so difficult to get one simple appointment.


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    Thank you for good work. :D

    Good Luck
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    That's great information...very thoughtful of you.
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    Good job! Thanks.
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    Wonderful job. We all might need this info sooner or later.
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    Thanks guys for the kind words. I'm happy that I'm able to give back something to the forum.

    gckajadoo, yes it's very common to get such a message. You keep on refreshing the page often. I tried for two days continuously (except while I was sleeping). So don't lose heart. Wish you all the best.
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    The information on this thread really saved me a lot of time. Thank you whatawaiting. May be this should be made into a sticky. On two occasions I tried after 5 pm CST and I could get to the appointments. Also, the information about trying on Sunday evening is spot on.

    The one problem I encountered was even after using three different machines I was not able to make the second appointment for spouse. Finally I had a friend do it from me form a totally different place. I also tried using different phone numbers (home/cell). I am wondering what the underlying logic is?
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    I needed to make an infopass appointment to get my passport stamped in the Dallas, TX Office. After trying to make an appointment for 2 weeks, it occurred to me to research and see if others were experiencing the same thing. I came across this forum and a few others where people posted their experiences and success stories with this crazy infopass appointment system.

    As suggested, I tried from 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm or so. I think I tried 500 exaggeration! I was successful at 12:08 am for an appointment 14 days later. There were many slots available. I later realized that date didn't work for me and wanted to reschedule. I tried the following morning and there were no available appointments. I tried again at 12:02 am and got through again. I wanted to make sure to secure a new appointment before canceling my original one.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that on both occasions after I selected my appointment time, I was somehow rerouted to the front infopass page, then I couldn't get back in. I then deleated the cookies on my phone and got through. I remembered someone posted that. Not sure if that was the solution, but both times I got through after I did that.

    So, I guess my suggestion is to try to schedule your appointment after 12 am. Good luck all!
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    To save from the embarrassment of hitting refresh every few seconds and applauding the elegance of the appointment process..I came up with a technical solution mostly inspired by other posts.

    Here is a technical solution to the infopass appointment headache.

    1) Install Google Chrome
    2) Install Chrome extension : "Auto Refresh Plus". (please consider donating to that guy...its not me and its good Karma)
    3) Go to the Chrome extension settings and under the "Page Monitor" section, check the following options:
    a) "enable this feature"
    b) "Popup Notification once it LOSES the target text (or regex)"
    c) " Play sound candidate 2 (6 seconds)"
    d) "Play until I click Notification box"
    e) Scroll down and click SAVE

    4) Now open a new Chrome tab and go to the infopass appointment webpage and navigate until you get the page with this message: "
    Currently, there are no available appointments. Please check again tomorrow."

    5) On your browser top right corner you should see a small blue icon. If you hover your mouse it should say "Auto refresh plus". Click that icon.
    a) I set the time interval to 15 seconds.
    b) In the Page Monitor...paste the following text ASIS:
    c) Click START button (top left)

    If you did it right...your page should refresh every 15 seconds and when it will start playing music.
    Be ready with A# and your application number and fill the info as fast as possible. You wont get the appointment until you hit confirm. I was a bit slow and lost an appointment.
    You might get music when there is an you may have to quit chrome and start over.
    It took me 2 days and couple of attempts to get it...I have time to did not do it late in the night or early in the morning.

    I hope this helps a few who have urgent need of an appointment and especially those who are non technical.

    They can take your dignity but not your smarts! Good luck!
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    Created an account just to say thank you! This method worked for me literally inside of 2 hours after installing the extension and I had tried for at least 2 weeks of checking the page twice a day at various times. Thank you very very much!

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    I was randomly trying to schedule and appointment on info pass in NYC, usually during the day or when I remembered to check. Tonight, I checked at 12:05am and one opening for March 8th showed. Unfortunately by the time I was done filling in required the information and confirm appointment someone else had booked it. I refreshed the website and 4 appointment openings for March 9th was showing. Again, I tried one but was to slow, tried the next time slot, confirmed and succeeded!!

    I recommend keep trying, make sure you have your receipt number and the A- number ready to fill in.

    Keep trying, don't give up!
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    Thanks man! I appreciate these instructions so I wanted to throw in my two cents. Soooo helpful! You pretty much just let it refresh on its own until you hear the sound. I had problems when I set it up on 5 or even 10 seconds refresh time and Chrome would find an error so I had to restart it every time. But once I put 15 seconds - no problems. I got 3 different appointments in one day. It was Tuesday at 7:37am, 12:01pm and 2:01pm. None of these worked for me, but the next day I was succesfull again at 4:30pm and was able to schedule my appoinment the day after.


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